1. What size are the greeting cards?

    There are two choices for folded greeting cards:

    Max cards – 12” x 16”
    Cute cards– 9” x 12”
    Color envelopes are also included.

  2. What do greeting cards cost?

    Price for the greeting card is displayed when you select the card.

  3. How long does my greeting card take to get printed?

    Once you submit an order, cards are shipped in the next TWO business days.

  4. What may be the shipping cost for my greeting card?

    Shipping costs vary because the shipping cost is calculated based on the exact number of cards you order. Shipping costs are shown during the order process. You will be able to view all costs before finalizing your order.

  5. Will colors match my screen/printer?

    It is important to realize that all monitors display color differently. Thus, you should not expect the image to print as it looks on screen, but rather as it is defined by the color values. We do not correct or adjust your image in any way. Our digital press is calibrated to produce the color values defined in your file - you should not expect it to match your personal printer.

  6. Why can't I edit text and/or images in the front page of the card?

    It’s our designer’s choice but you can edit the sender’s and receiver’s name in the front page of the card design. You can upload the photo of your choice to print on the front page of the card.

  7. My entire message doesn't show on the text area. What did I do wrong?

    It sounds like you might not have noticed that you exceeded the size of the printable message area. So kindly reduce the characters of the message to fit beautifully.

  8. Can I make a change to my order after I submit it?

    In order to ensure the fastest possible turnaround, your cards are routed to the press as soon as you submit your order. Because your order is processed immediately, we cannot honor requests for changes or cancellations.

    Please make sure to proof your card carefully before placing the order.

  9. Can I send the actual photo by post? I don't have a scanner.

    Yes, You can. But please don’t forget to write your order number in the back side of the photo. Also write the serial number on the back side of the photo if more than one greeting card is selected. Please understand we cannot return back the you photo(s) to you separately.

  10. How can I get my Order confirmation?

    Your order will be confirmed as soon as we receive your payment through any one of the following payment mode:

    Credit card
    Direct deposit / Money Transfer
    Demand Draft
    Direct Cash

    To get an instant Order confirmation, please pay through credit card. Also you can deposit money to our Cards Garden Account at any of your nearest State Bank of India Branch or make a direct payment at our Cards Garden Contact address for quick order confirmation.

  11. Can you deliver the card to my friend?

    Yes, we will deliver your card through courier to the shipping address that you have given at the time of ordering. At present, this service is available only within India.

  12. Do you ship outside the India?

    Currently, we can only ship within India.

  13. Once I ordered the card, Can I collect the card directly from your office?

    Yes, you can collect the card directly from our office at Chennai (Visit Contact Us for Office Address and Google Map) after two business days of your order confirmation.

  14. How can I contact you?

    If you have questions, comments about the site, or problems in ordering greeting cards please email us and we'll respond promptly.

    You can also contact us over Phone: 044 – 2232 3432, Mobile: 93818 80614 or WhatsApp: 93818 80614.